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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with JibJab!

Wow, look at all the ways JibJab has to express your love via the magic of eCards! Add your face and your sweetie’s face into romantic, funny, or romantically funny eCards this Valentine’s Day. You can choose from a variety of eCards, such as these four gems…

JTTOU_sm  ItMustBeYou_sm

KillerValentine_sm  letsgetiton_sm



5 responses to “Celebrate Valentine’s Day with JibJab!”

  1. Don’t be cought by the add of discount and monthly payment! Once you subscribe you will be charged the full $18 annual for such a crap. You are warned

  2. How many hours should it take for a download to complete? It didn’t post to my recipient’s Facebook page so I tried to download it three hours ago and it’s not done.

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