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Where Are They Now?

Many of our sketch experimentees have gone on to make big names for themselves! Read on for the downlow.

John Landis continues to be a great JibJab friend and supporter, stopping by the studio and checking in on our progress. He is currently directing “Burke & Hare”, starring Simon Pegg, his first feature film in 12 years!

Famous Last Nerds won the experiment with the incredible “Shawshank in a Minute”.  They took their winnings and brought their music to the big apple, in the form of an Off-Broadway hit called The Bombity of Errors and most recently, Nerds: The Musical.  They have also written for Robot Chicken.

Elephant Larry continues to entertain in sketch form with new stuff all the time.  You’ve seen their sketches on College Humor and, most notable being their sketch Minesweeper: The Movie.

Karla continued to take their two women comedy show all over the nation.  Not much word on them for a few years, check out their website here.

Train of Thought continues to make comedy all over the web.  In their own words “their videos have been featured on YouTube, MySpace, CollegeHumor, FARK, Current TV, Google Video, Yahoo!, iFilm, AtomFilms, Veoh, Crackle, National Lampoon”.  You may have seen their popular video The Facebook News Network on their YouTube channel.

Mark & Ari can be found performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in New York, you can see more of their stuff on their website or browse through their latest sketches on Funny or Die.  Don’t miss this hilarious LOST parody that gained steam on YouTube a few years ago.

Riegel and Blatt have been producing exclusive shorts for and Funny or Die as well as writing for many-a-TV show.  Not too shabby! Get the whole break down over at their website!

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