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Category: 2009 Year in Review

  • 2009 – Sound Design

    Once all the animation is complete we always have a blast adding sound effects to the piece. Sound always gives it that extra little juice to help drive home what we’re going for. Sometimes it can make a piece feel more ‘real’ and sometimes it just makes it funnier. Whatever the case, sound design gives […]

  • 2009 – Shout Out to the Crew!

    As usual, if you’ve made it through all the “Behind the Scenes” posts we want to thank you for taking the time to check it all out.  More importantly, we assume if you’ve read all these posts then you must be a fan and we want to thank you from the bottom of our JibJabby […]

  • Our MJ Tribute? This is it!

    Here’s another look at some of the puppetry going into our 2009 Year in Review (due in one week!). This time we’ve got a peek at our belated salute to the dearly departed King of Pop. We’re (hoping to!) cap off production today and finish the audio mix this evening. Then a well deserved holiday […]

  • When Will We Get the 2009 Year in Review?

    Fear not! JibJab’s 2009 year in review, entitled “Never a Year like 09′” is on it’s way, due Monday December 28th! We are still cranking away at it, adding more detail, more gags and more animation!  As we’ve teased before, this year’s review is being done almost ENTIRELY with paper cut-outs and puppets, leaving our […]