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When Will We Get the 2009 Year in Review?

Fear not! JibJab’s 2009 year in review, entitled “Never a Year like 09′” is on it’s way, due Monday December 28th!

We are still cranking away at it, adding more detail, more gags and more animation!  As we’ve teased before, this year’s review is being done almost ENTIRELY with paper cut-outs and puppets, leaving our fancy animation programs to collect dust.  Here’s a peek at a few of the famous folks in our tribute to those who passed away this year. More will be featured in the review!

2 responses to “When Will We Get the 2009 Year in Review?”

  1. Was beginning to wonder where this was. Later than last year’s, but happy to see it’s coming. It’s not New Year without JibJab’s Year in Review.

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