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  • Behind the Scenes of Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe

    After racking our brains for romantic locations for our new Starring You Valentine’s Day eCard, we decided what better place to bring a date than a roller skating rink. We scouted around Los Angeles and found Moonlight Rollerway, a classic rink with some disco flare. Not only did we have the chance to get away from the […]

  • Birthday Wishes for You!

    The Problem: You’re tired of typing the same old “Happy Birthday!” message on Facebook all the time when friends have birthdays.  You wish you had something unique and original to share but let’s face it, who has the time? The Solution: Introducing Birthday Wishes, a new Facebook application we’ve created that’s filled with Facebook-only birthday greetings […]

  • How-to Post to Facebook

    Did you know there are a couple ways to share JibJab eCards and Starring You videos on Facebook? Here’s how! A couple of years ago, we made it really easy for Facebook users to create and share from the JibJab site with Facebook Connect.  You should probably connect your JibJab account via Facebook for a great experience with […]

  • You Got Your JibJab in my Facebook!

    Huzzah!  We’ve been building up to this moment for months and now we’re happy to announce that JibJab pictures and videos have hit the Facebook Gift store, allowing the world to oh-so-easily post videos from our massive library to your friends Facebook walls on birthdays, holidays or whenever!  You may have read about it last […]

  • Transforming Teams

    We thought it was pretty awesome when self proclaimed news junkie Mike Bucc from Albany sent his favorite local TV news crew a Monster Mash starring the televised team… but wouldn’t you know it, they showed the video on the news that night and gave him a shout out!  Double awesome!  Since this cool happenstance, […]