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How-to Post to Facebook

Did you know there are a couple ways to share JibJab eCards and Starring You videos on Facebook? Here’s how!

A couple of years ago, we made it really easy for Facebook users to create and share from the JibJab site with Facebook Connect.  You should probably connect your JibJab account via Facebook for a great experience with these three easy steps:

1. Click “Login with Facebook” in the upper right hand corner of the page

2. After signing into your Facebook account press “Allow”

3. And tada you are Facebook Connected!  You can even sign up for our FREE Birthday Alert service right there!

HOWEVER, you may prefer not to connect with Facebook and to copy and paste the URL link of your eCards directly to your friend’s Facebook wall.  If this is your preference follow these four steps:

1. Copy the URL (located at the bottom of the page)

2. Go to your friend’s Wall & paste the URL in the “Post” section.

3. Delete the URL & write your own message…

4. Then hit “Share”!

Remember, if you have any trouble, you can always leave us a comment here or email us at help[at]jibjab[dot]net.

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40 responses to “How-to Post to Facebook”

  1. I can’t access my account with JibJab using Facebook connect. The site log ins, and then instantly logs me out. Is there a customer service number or email? Any suggestions on a solution?

  2. I am NOT on Facebook. Do not want to be.

    However, I do want to make a JibJab video, and the site will NOT let me download my photos.

    Please help.

    LOVVVVE Jib Jab

    • Hi JEff – Either copy the URL & post in your business page or download the video and upload the file on your page! Thanks!

      • Am I correct in finding that, despite being a paying customer, I cannot download one of my cards without paying extra? If not, please let me know how I can do this. If that is the case, it is outrageous and means the end of me as a customer.

      • Hi Kirk – Yes, to download the video file it costs $1.99 as a member. You are able to share via email and social networks as many times as you would like without any extra charge.

  3. Hi, I’ve connected jibjab with facebook but when I try to share the video I am asked for payment info. Can I not post this video to facebook for free?


  4. I like the starring you videos, but the extreme aggravation it causes trying to upload pictures is not bearable. I tried all afternoon to upload 2 pictures and only got 1 uploaded… I tried a dell insiron, my xoom, & my galaxy s3…no luck…I have better things to do than fight with this uploader.

  5. Hello Team JibJa,

    I forgot to put my correct email for this question :

    When I share the video in Facebook and decide I want to delete it deletes it but when I refresh it comes back again..any help on this?

    done this correction plz send me a reply asap

    • Hi Joan, I’m sorry to hear about this issue! I’d recommend contacting our Customer Service team by emailing, and our representatives will be better able to assist. Thanks!

  6. I just purchased a video for valentines day, but can’t seem to upload it to facebook. I’ve gone thru your q & a and can’t find a resolution. Help! Our anniversary is V-Day and I wanted to have it out there for our friends. Thanks.

  7. It is very interesting and useful blog that how to use facebook various function. It is very hepful for the facebook beginners because it has step by step information that describe it in a easy way.

  8. When I connect to FB through jibjab it says I’m Vivi McQueen and also has her email address. Is there a way to change this?

  9. It’s nice to be able to download for 1.99. But when uploading many of the videos, Facebook will mute it due to song copyright. Making the download option a waste of money. Is there not a way to upload JibJab Video Cards to Facebook?

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