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Facebook Connect Updates: Post Directly to Walls!

Our second update in less than a month to our site’s structure has much to do with sharing JibJab on facebook.  Among the features we are ecstatic about is the ability to post directly to a friend’s wall from our site.   Before one had to copy and paste the link from JibJab, then sign into facebook, go to their friend’s wall, paste the link and write a little message.  Now, if you log into JibJab using facebook connect, you have your friend list available for posting directly on their space!

Posting, posting. 1,2,3Additionally, we have added two ways to make sure you never miss another birthday again.  First, we have added a great facebook app called ‘Birthday Alert’ to our product lineup.  Second, if you login with your Facebook account, you can see your friends with upcoming birthdays right on JibJab.  Two more reasons to make JibJab your place for online greetings!

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