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  • Halloween season is off to a funky start!

    You’ll be the ghost with the most when you shake your BOO-ty to our instant Halloween hit, “Funky Ghost”!

  • 3 Quick Q’s with the GRATE Megan Nairn!

    Megan Nairn, or “Meegs” as we call her around JibJab HQ, is the brains behind our latest YOU ROCK eCard: “You Are Grate.” She kindly A’d a few Q’s about how how she came up with this fun bit o’ cheese… How did you come up with the idea of this charmingly “cheesy” card? Ate […]

  • Arrg! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Shiver me timbers and batten down the hatches, mateys! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which means it’s time to grab your hearties, swab the poop deck, and set sail for treasure! No celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day would be complete without sending your landlubbers our best pirate-themed eCards. Turn […]

  • Behind the Scenes – Walking on Sunshine!

    Walking on Sunshine, our latest Starring You video, is sure to be the feel good hit of the summer. We started production in winter, but luckily JibJab is located a block away from Venice Beach in sunny Los Angeles where it’s pretty much summer all year round! We started with the song choice and a […]

  • Just Plane Cheeseburgers?!?

    The production team was clearly hungry during a little day-dreaming cartoon session yesterday. The theme was “cheeseburger airplane.” What is a cheeseburger airplane, you ask? Why, a dream come true. See what our artists’ imaginations “cooked” up below. Great, now we’re hungry too!

  • JibJab goes Gangnam Style!

    Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm and now it’s YOUR turn to star in this international fun dance craze. This Holiday season we wanted to bring you a fun, free music video & this viral video by Korean pop-star PSY is right up their with the likes of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Everyone […]

  • We Want YOUR Opinion on Our New Site Navigation!

    We changed the navigation our site to make it easier to find all the categories we offer! We really like it here at JibJab HQ but, more importantly, we are wondering what you think.  Please let us know here in the comments if you have an opinion.  Thanks in advance!

  • Happy Birthday to You!

    Do you have trouble picking out the perfect card for that special birthday someone? Well, choosing a birthday eCard has never been easier with our improved birthday website! We’ve expanded our search options, so it’s quicker and easier to find the perfect card. We added a personalized envelope to make the cards more fun to send and […]

  • How-to Post to Facebook

    Did you know there are a couple ways to share JibJab eCards and Starring You videos on Facebook? Here’s how! A couple of years ago, we made it really easy for Facebook users to create and share from the JibJab site with Facebook Connect.  You should probably connect your JibJab account via Facebook for a great experience with […]

  • JibJab Code on GitHub

    Want some sweet, sweet open source code from the folks at JibJab?  Visit our new page at GitHub and you can grab any code we make available to the public.  Our first contribution is source code to create your very own Kudobot, a system we’ve had internally for about a year and a half that […]

  • The New JibJab Intro Vid!

    So what exactly is this JibJab?  Where did it come from and what do they do there?  We’ve tried to make that answer much clearer with our new Welcome to JibJab video! Click it out below.

  • The New eCards Page is live!

    It’s been a few years since we tweaked the design of our eCards layout and after several months work, we think we’ve perfected making the page useful, simple and eye pleasing all at once. What’s different? You’ll notice birthday alerts at the top of the page if you are signed in through Facebook, a new […]

  • Halloween and Widescreen are Here!

    We make major updates to the site’s code about once a month and yesterday’s Halloween release was a doozy.  First off, we’ve overhauled our video player to deliver you the first widescreen, 16×9 Starring You videos on our site!  Almost every video we produce from here on out will be 16×9.  We will also be […]

  • Get JibJab’s Free Birthday Alerts!

    Not everyone may know that we’ve completely revamped and relaunched our Birthday Alert service! Birthday Alert is a super helpful daily email reminder that uses your Facebook account to ping you with who is celebrating their birthday today and who will be celebrating in the week to come.  Right now we offer a fun-fact-of-the-day with […]

  • At Long Last… Search Comes to JibJab!

    It was at the top of our most wanted list. It was at the top of your most wanted list. As our library has grown to over a thousand pieces of content, having search functionality has been both a no-brainer and major technical challenge to us, especially as we have wanted to present our users […]