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Category: Fun with the Site

  • You Can Now Facebook Connect!

    Facebook connect is one of the coolest features on the internet, letting you ditch your endless usernames and passwords that you keep at various websites and allowing you to just sign in using the one account you use the most anyways, your facebook!  As soon as we heard about this ability, we knew JibJab had […]

  • Brand New Look, Same JibJab Flavor

    If you’re browsing around JibJab tonight, you may notice that our eCards and Everyday Fun sections have had a drastic new makeover!  We’ve been working for months to apply new features to the site and now that they’re up, we’re excited to offer areas that will be updated on a daily basis, pointing out the […]

  • iJibJab?

    Our product team has loaded up the development pipe with more new web features than you can shake a stick at. That means if you saw our Director of Development’s to-do list, you would want to crawl under a blanket and call out for your mommy. Does Chris do that? Heck no! In his spare […]

  • Shaking Up Starring You

    Scribbling on the back of a napkin to express an idea is so 2008. Here, Phillip uses a napkin, sugar packs and salt and pepper shakers to express some thoughts he has on how to make casting Starring You a better user experience. (Of course, there was beer involved).

  • Giving Tech some Respect

    Most people have no idea what kind of coding goes into an interactive site like ours, especially when you’re coming up with and modifying the kind of tools that nobody has ever created before.  Our tech force is immensely important when it comes to behind-the-scenes at JibJab and today is a great example: tech just […]

  • Whoa, posting JibJab stuff to Facebook is SUPER easy now!

    We’ve been working long and hard to find the perfect way to let you post JibJab stuff on your Facebook.  Would building an application be the best way to go?  How about just using a third party app?  Should JibJabbers just upload the videos right onto Facebook?   Well today we’re proud to announce that […]

  • Hey, you got JibJab in my Twitter!

    @attention everybody, JibJabbin and Tweeting are together at last! JibJab has gone all-a-twitter with a new Twitter account! If you please, follow us there for alerts about hilarious new JibJab content as well as easy access to new blog entries. We promise to keep it short and sweet, but mostly because of the character limit.