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  • Print Your Dad His Own Beer Label!

    Dads love beer.  It’s basic science.  We sketched this new Father’s Day postable with that principle in mind.  Our recommendation?  Make one here.  Take a screen shot (Windows, Mac). Print it out.  Cut it out.  Wrap around beer bottle.  Present to dad! [Update] Did you give a beer bottle to Dad?  The first picture we […]

  • JibJab’s Horoscope!

    Renowned Astrology expert and horoscope writer Rick Levine took a stab at our company’s horoscope recently, and came up with some very accurate and interesting results! After giving him’s inception date, we let Rick do the rest and couldn’t help but share on the blog. He is known throughout the world as a master […]

  • April Foolin

    For April Fools this year, we kicked around a bunch of ideas before landing on JibJab Roulette… Announcing a flash-compatible tablet computer for accessing our website… and nothing else Introducing “Starring You Sympathy eCards for Funerals”, featuring a breakdancing Pallbearer Redirecting the homepage to and old incarnation of our site via the Way Back Machine […]

  • The Thank You Button

    We’ve recently added a new tool into our eCards that demands a little write up: now when you receive any JibJab eCard, you will see a button that prompts you to thank the person who sent a JibJab your way. We’ve made thanking easy, by creating a special category of all-free-eCards so members and non-members […]

  • Buy Something Awesome… get a Free Membership!

    We’re trying something new this month with the help of TrialPay, a nifty service that gives you free goodies when you purchase stuff like Netflix subscriptions and online wine.  Up until February 14th, when you purchase something through their site you’ll earn a 6-month JibJab membership as an incentive.  All-in-all there are 17 ways to […]

  • JibJab is Now Ad-Free! (Almost)

    We’re thrilled to announce that has been stripped of 90% of all banner ads! There are still a few spots here and there that contain ads but they are off the most visited sections of our website and the remaining ads will be coming down in the weeks and months ahead. Why are we […]

  • How-To Starring You

    One question we get quite often is “how do you make a Starring You video?”. It’s a simple process, but we found it kind of hard to sum up without visual accompaniment. While you can find instructions while making a video and additional information in our FAQ, we’ve decided to go another step and create […]

  • Making Good Use of the Mash [UPDATE]

    We always get a kick out of how fans keep finding new ways to use JibJab Starring Yous. With Monster Mash this month, we’ve seen folks apply the technology into some new situations that were so awesome we had to share. The Arizona Orthadontic Studio outside of Pheonix is running an all-orthadontist Monster Mash in […]

  • Our Backgrounds Should be Your Backgrounds!

    We’re so proud of the backgrounds our design team cooked up for the Monster Mash that we’re offering some of our favorites up at high resolution for you to use as your desktop wallpaper!  Click the images below to nab a bigger version of them and right click to set as your desktop background.   […]

  • Vote us for Most Creative Use of Facebook Connect!

    Pssst. Got a free second? We’re hankering for a nomination at Mashable’s 3rd annual open web awards and you can help us out! Since early this summer, we’ve fully integrated Facebook Connect into our site, allowing people to grab photos from their friends’ Facebooks albums and easily post Starring You creations to any Facebook wall. […]

  • Soul Train Facebook Contest

    In celebration of the release of Soul Train Starring You videos on JibJab, we’re hosting a Facebook “like-off”! Official Rules: Post your Soul Train dance to your Facebook wall and rally your friends to press the “like” button underneath it.  Post a screen shot of your video’s “likes” to the official JibJab Facebook wall ( […]

  • New Everyday Fun Structure!

    Use this video to better aquaint yourself with the new structure of Everyday Fun on JibJab!

  • New head placement tools!

    We had so much fun with the video tutorial yesterday that we decided to do another one! You ever upload a head to one of our Starring You cards and found that the head just doesn’t fit right? Well, we now have a solution for you:  last week we added the ability to move your […]

  • New ways to browse our stuff

    If you hadn’t noticed it already, we’re excited to let you know we added five new ways to sort content within each Category page (Ex: Movies): 1. Videos 2. Pictures 3. Starring You 4. Top Picks 5. Newest Rather than try to explain this all out for you in words, we decided to have some […]

  • Facebook Connect Updates: Post Directly to Walls!

    Our second update in less than a month to our site’s structure has much to do with sharing JibJab on facebook.  Among the features we are ecstatic about is the ability to post directly to a friend’s wall from our site.   Before one had to copy and paste the link from JibJab, then sign into […]