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JibJab’s Horoscope!

Renowned Astrology expert and horoscope writer Rick Levine took a stab at our company’s horoscope recently, and came up with some very accurate and interesting results! After giving him’s inception date, we let Rick do the rest and couldn’t help but share on the blog. He is known throughout the world as a master astrologer after all. Check out more about Rick at the one and only

Rick writes:

“It’s very difficult to take an approximate time and develop an entire corporate theme around it. For a startup, the timing is often more closely associated with the charts of the founding principals.”

“Nevertheless, JibJab is a Libra with communicator Mercury in Libra, too. JibJab is about relationships. But the Moon was in Cancer on October 1, 1999, suggesting that JibJab’s ability to create a nurturing environment is important to its survival. With Venus in showy Leo, the aesthetic presentation comes along with the package… and Venus forms a cooperative sextile with interactive Mercury, adding cleverness to the package. With assertive Mars in inspirational Sagittarius, it’s apparent that the high ideals become fuel for what may be seen as a great adventure. But the thing that stands out most to me is the unusual aspects created between the various planets. There are patterns created by unusual harmonies that divide the chart into divisions of five and seven. This makes for a very creative and unusual destiny. Of course, those who know JibJab from the outside might say this anyhow, without knowing anything about the astrology of the corporation, but it also indicates to me that there is more here than meets the eye. JibJab is riding its own winds of fate and there are weird twists that interact with its high level of creativity.”

“Although we don’t have an exact time, the summer of 2003 through late spring of 2004 was strongly influenced by Saturn. This was likely a critical time for JibJab when decisions had to be made, probably under a great deal of pressure. August of 2007 was another Saturn period when financial stress may have created the need for an austerity program. Frustration increased through September 2009, but with a new wave of hope/idealism, too. But the pressures are not over. 2009-10 is a critical phase with the company undergoing metamorphosis this year. October 2010 will be the real test. I think that the decisions made in 2003-4 will come around then and that can be a make or break time for the company. Assuming all is held together, the reinventing of JibJab will continue through 2012, with the second half of 2012 and into early 2013 a time of unexpected and sudden changes. Flexibility will be the key to success, and by mid 2013, things will settle down.”

~Rick Levine

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