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Giving Tech some Respect

Most people have no idea what kind of coding goes into an interactive site like ours, especially when you’re coming up with and modifying the kind of tools that nobody has ever created before.  Our tech force is immensely important when it comes to behind-the-scenes at JibJab and today is a great example: tech just busted their backsides to bring us all sorts of updates all over the site, including a rotating new front page!


Tonight, our peeps in tech are pushing out changes to the site that most people won’t notice, but will appreciate if they ever have a problem in that area. It’s dozens of little things like adding a “+” sign to emails or shortening the URL for our change password page, but you can see how our hard-working Tech team is one of the most important parts of the 37 person company we call JibJab.  It’s easy to forget that when you’re laughing your butt off!


3 responses to “Giving Tech some Respect”

  1. Hi Team JibJab,

    You have an excellent product. I have had great fun with it and have signed up for the year.

    I find myself, now that I am “in,” sending many of the same “Starring You” videos to people, and often to the same larger group of people…friends, family, colleagues, employees. While I know I will love your newest revisions to the site, I have a couple of thoughts and wasn’t sure where to share them.

    Your site is a bit of a social networking enhancer. So, it needs an email contact list (recall emails I’ve sent to before), a favorites function (quickly call up my favorite videos/cards that I send for lunch invites, praise, etc.) and search function so that I can find that cool video without going through the entire list.

    It did not occur to me that I would use your site this way when I signed up, but I am. By the way, I am launching a virtual world dating site next month (Weopia) and a few of my single friends told me to make that (one of your Starring You videos I sent them) their dating video!

    Thanks for so much fun. The Elf Dance drew me in (Office Max) and I think everyone in my extended family think I am a video guru after casting my wife and daughters as stars in that video. Next…Math Camp.

    Dave WIlkie
    CEO, Virtucom Inc.
    and Fusion Communications Group Inc.

  2. Great feedback, Dave; thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to let us know your thoughts

    The good news is that everything you’ve asked for is already on our product roadmap. Although this roadmap has a TON of stuff on it, and we therefore have to make some tough choices as to what to focus our efforts on, nothing makes us happier than launching things that people have specifically asked for.

    So, we look forward to making you — and therefore ourselves — happy sometime in the future.

    Thanks for your support and thanks again for the info!

    -Team JibJab

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