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At Long Last… Search Comes to JibJab!

It was at the top of our most wanted list. It was at the top of your most wanted list. As our library has grown to over a thousand pieces of content, having search functionality has been both a no-brainer and major technical challenge to us, especially as we have wanted to present our users with a very visual, accurate and stylized search.

Now thanks to Google and their amazing Google Site Search tool, search has finally become a reality on the site! From here on out, you can find the relevant content with speed and ease, while we get to stylize the results to fit the feel of our site. Learn more about how it all works over on Google’s blog or via a guest post from our developers.  Then make sure to check out our site to see our new footer/header, try out our new video player and give search a whirl!

One response to “At Long Last… Search Comes to JibJab!”

  1. Here’s my plea – There’s FAcebook and MySpace, but both must be boycotted by anyone with a conscience. MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and Facebook censors, currently not allowing the “legalize marijuana now” group to post their ads. Besides, do we really need these monuments to ego? What we REALLY need is an anti-social website, and Jib Jab is just the company to do it.

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