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JibJab Code on GitHub

Want some sweet, sweet open source code from the folks at JibJab?  Visit our new page at GitHub and you can grab any code we make available to the public.  Our first contribution is source code to create your very own Kudobot, a system we’ve had internally for about a year and a half that allows you to write and send accolades to coworkers and share them with your whole team.  It’s been tremendously useful as a tool to keep us up to date on what milestones are being reached on a daily basis.

The source code can be found at: Enjoy!


2 responses to “JibJab Code on GitHub”

  1. I keep trying to find info on my grandfather, Stratti Spirdelis, but only pages and pages and pages come up on google of jib jab. I gave up and checked out your site instead and must admit frustration turned into laughter. Oh well….

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