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The New eCards Page is live!

It’s been a few years since we tweaked the design of our eCards layout and after several months work, we think we’ve perfected making the page useful, simple and eye pleasing all at once.

What’s different? You’ll notice birthday alerts at the top of the page if you are signed in through Facebook, a new welcome video if you are new to the site and a simplified presentation of all the holidays and occasions we have to offer.

More information, less clutter. What do you think, dig the new style? Check it out and sound off!

4 responses to “The New eCards Page is live!”

  1. I was hoping to find family dancing valentine day cards,(christmas Elfs)? Maybe dancing hearts etc…. Are you posting any other valentine cards which include up to 5-6 menbers (Faces)?

    • Howdy Kathleen,

      Most of our Valentines are for one person or couples, keeping the focus on “that special someone”. Good to know people are looking for big group Valentines though!

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