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Halloween and Widescreen are Here!

We make major updates to the site’s code about once a month and yesterday’s Halloween release was a doozy.  First off, we’ve overhauled our video player to deliver you the first widescreen, 16×9 Starring You videos on our site!  Almost every video we produce from here on out will be 16×9.  We will also be retrofitting some of our classic dances and movies to their true 16×9 format, giving you an even more spectacular JibJab experience, starting with the Monster Mash!

We’ve updated how sharing works as well adding Facebook “like” buttons on your finished videos and the ability to share your JibJab creations instantly on Twitter!

Along with some typo fixes, new color backgrounds for holidays, decreased page loading time, headcutting process tweaks and thumbnail image repair, we’ve got our most stylish and functional site ever going into the big holiday season!


3 responses to “Halloween and Widescreen are Here!”

  1. I love you, JibJab, but … the ability to resize faces in the old monster mash (non 16×9, when the wolf had a nose) was better …

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