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Turn a JibJab picture into your Facebook photo!

Want to turn your freshly-made JibJab picture in to your Facebook profile photo? Here’s how you do it: 1. Login to your JibJab account with your Facebook info by clicking the ‘Login with Facebook’ link at the top of any page on 2. Select any picture on the site and click ‘Personalize’ or ‘Share’; […]

New head placement tools!

We had so much fun with the video tutorial yesterday that we decided to do another one! You ever upload a head to one of our Starring You cards and found that the head just doesn’t fit right? Well, we now have a solution for you:  last week we added the ability to move your […]

New ways to browse our stuff

If you hadn’t noticed it already, we’re excited to let you know we added five new ways to sort content within each Category page (Ex: Movies): 1. Videos 2. Pictures 3. Starring You 4. Top Picks 5. Newest Rather than try to explain this all out for you in words, we decided to have some […]