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Turn a JibJab picture into your Facebook photo!

Want to turn your freshly-made JibJab picture in to your Facebook profile photo?

Here’s how you do it:

1. Login to your JibJab account with your Facebook info by clicking the ‘Login with Facebook’ link at the top of any page on

2. Select any picture on the site and click ‘Personalize’ or ‘Share’; we suggest these:

3. After personalizing the picture, on the ‘Share’ page, click the new, blue ‘Upload’ button. This will automagically copy the picture in to your Facebook Photos page, in a new album called ‘JibJab Photos’.

4. To make this new JibJab picture your Facebook profile photo, simply click on your current Facebook profile photo, click the ‘Change Profile Picture’ link and then click the link to select a profile photo from your ‘Profile Picture Album.’

Repeat often to match your current mood!

2 responses to “Turn a JibJab picture into your Facebook photo!”

  1. How to change my profile picture in JibJab or how to remove my profile picture from the stamp of the created card?

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