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Category: Halloween

  • Frankenstein’s ReAnimatic

    Take a peek at our animatic for Frankenstein, sans the texture and colors to come.  It will give you a whole new appreciation for the piece when we publish the insanely background art next week!

  • The Imaginary Ones and the Twos

    DJ Adrienne mixes it up, blue screen style!  This video concludes our behind the scenes look at the making of our Monster Rap , now onto the making of Frankenstein!

  • Bob Your Head

    When you take creatures away from our Monster Rap and leave just the floating head,  you can really get a grasp of how much movement we have to match a face to in any given scene.  Also, it’s really spooky. The more faces that go into the scene, the harder it is for us to […]

  • Incantation, Levitation

    It’s no secret how we got our witch to levitate in our Halloween Rap (black magic) but we thought it would be fun everyone to see our witch before and after our team worked their blue screen voodoo. Special shout out to Adrienne Spiridellis for her bewitching moves.

  • Fish Eyed Monsters

    The Monster Rap called for us to mimic both the angles and styles of your basic hip hop music video, so the first step in nailing the look was nabbing a wide angle lens for that fish-eye effect. Here’s he look in motion.  Of note, we are trying extremely hard to avoid that easy wrap/rap […]

  • Jury Rigged Rig

    When you’re filming music videos like the Monster Rap, you’ve got to use what you’ve got to get the right angles and movement.  And sometimes all you’ve got is an office chair and an extra able body. Quit laughing, it works!

  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

    Liquids are notoriously some of the hardest moving things to animate, so when it came to creating a bubbling witch’s cauldron for the Monster Rap, a real brew was the thing to do. Our solution? Ian took the project to the kitchen and brought some tomato soup to a boil. And here is the bubbly […]

  • Monster Rap Wallpapers

    As we are oft to do when we’ve got a bunch of neat backgrounds to show off, here are a select few in wallpaper form.  Click any of the photos here and on page 2, right click and set as your desktop background! Check out the rest of our art on our new Facebook album […]

  • The “Be The JibJab Guys” Photo Challenge!

    Introducing our Halloween photo challege! Post a picture to our Facebook wall of you looking like a JibJab guy (the stash is key) and win any number of prizes from a year long membership, a lifetime membership or a cameo in our 2010 Year in Review! Full details below!

  • Halloween and Widescreen are Here!

    We make major updates to the site’s code about once a month and yesterday’s Halloween release was a doozy.  First off, we’ve overhauled our video player to deliver you the first widescreen, 16×9 Starring You videos on our site!  Almost every video we produce from here on out will be 16×9.  We will also be […]

  • Halloween Countdown: The Witch

    Today is the last rapper reveal until tomorrow’s launch of the Monster Rap! We wanted more ladies in the mix, and the Witch was a perfect addition to the gang, as played by the lovely and talented Adrienne Spiridellis. And that’s the line up! Tune in tomorrow when we launch this blood sucker and let […]

  • Halloween Countdown: Dracula

    The Monster Rap drops this Thursday and we’re still revealing rappers. Dracula was a tough one to costume, it was rough finding that old school red vest, so we had to make it ourselves.  Below, Andy sports Dracula’s duds with style.

  • Halloween Countdown: Frankenstein

    Today’s rapper reveal is the most obvious of them all, considering you can’t have the Bride of Frankenstein without the big green guy himself.  Us JibJabbers have a certain affinity for Franky, we’ve had him Monster Mash, dole out advice and gave him his own Presidential campaign ad a few years back. We did some […]

  • Halloween Countdown: DJ Bride O’ Stein

    Continuing to put a contemporary spin on Halloween’s most classic monsters, we present DJ Bride O’ Stein, the record spinning disc jockey of our upcoming Halloween Rap. We built her a graveyard complete with tombstone amps and cold slabs of concrete to remix upon.  Together with the Mummy, they are two of five hip hop […]

  • Halloween Countdown! The Mummy

    Last year we brought you the JibJab version of Monster Mash.  This year we’re taking things a more modern route with a project we’ve been brewing for months… the Halloween Rap. Leading up to it’s release, we’ll be taking a look at the characters you’ll be rapping as, starting with the original wrapper himself, The […]