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  • MLB Uniform Changes!

    It’s baseball season which means it’s time for you to represent your favorite Major League Baseball team in our Take Me Out to the Ball Game video!  Did you know many of the teams went through official uniform changes during the off-season?  We followed suit (and uniform) by adding updated logos to the hats and pin […]

  • MLB Final Vote Nominees In “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” Videos!

    This summer we have teamed up with Major League Baseball to bring baseball fans everywhere a chance to appear in a fun animated video singing the famous seventh inning stretch song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in their favorite team uniform. In honor of MLB’s annual Final Vote ballot (now in it’s 10th […]

  • Run Cycles

    There are only a couple scenes in Take Me Out to the Ball Game where the main characters are actually running. In a 1.25 minute-long video with 22 scenes, you’d think a few seconds of running wouldn’t garner much attention from our animators. Not so! We spent a good amount of time doing test after […]

  • How’d We Do That??

    If you’ve made our Take Me Out to the Ball Game video more than once, chances are by now you’ve noticed that all 30 videos are actually the same.  The only difference is the uniforms, logos and colors that are unique to each team. Sounds like a small difference, but this became our biggest challenge […]

  • M-L-B-eautiful Designs!

    Let’s take a moment to touch base with our artists (pun intended). In order to make sure they had the right look for each of our 30 Major League Baseball teams, they had to spend weeks poring over logo designs, team colors and uniforms. The next step was sketching a first draft of the main […]

  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

    When we sat down during the early stages of our Take Me Out to the Ball Game planning, we knew we wanted the song to stay true to Jack Norworth’s 1908 classic. We kept the first verse exactly the same, but decided to put a little twist on the second by including more modern things […]