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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

When we sat down during the early stages of our Take Me Out to the Ball Game planning, we knew we wanted the song to stay true to Jack Norworth’s 1908 classic. We kept the first verse exactly the same, but decided to put a little twist on the second by including more modern things that we associate with baseball games, like foam fingers, nachos and the JumboTron. Once the lyrics were written, Evan and Gregg hopped in the sound booth to record. Check out this early version of the song:

Next, we hired two talented singers, Allie Feder and Gabriel Mann, and one very talented composer, John Frizzell, to record the final track that we would use for our video. Don’t get us wrong, we love the brothers’ voices, but we sure were excited to hear the new polished version! Check out their track below along with an early animatic:


2 responses to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!”

  1. Okay, you guys are totally awesome, and I love you.. but I just sent the baseball video to a friend full of pics of her darling 5 year old for his birthday… but for some reason she can’t see the video? she is completely non-tech… so can’t figure out why it won’t play. I am so sad that all your hard work won’t be seen by this gorgeous little five year old baseball fanatic on his birthday.. he will LOVE IT Any suggestions?

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