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Final Sketches

Here are the six finalist sketches from our experiment, all available on YouTube for the first time!

Shawshank in a Minute – Famous Last Nerds – Grand Prize Winner

Tall Cop, Short Cop – Elephant Larry

So You Want to Be a Cop – Karla

Loose Cannon – Riegel and Blatt

Small World – Mark & Ari

Tom & Tina – Train of Thought

2 responses to “Final Sketches”

  1. Well… hmmph! Why the heck do you even have this page in your archive (or whatever this is called) if all the videos are private?? That big frickin tease. >:^{

  2. I wish I could watch these 6 sketches (especially Barney Fife) but it’s not allowing me to. Says they are private.

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