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Great Sketch Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the behind the scenes section on the making of the Great Sketch Experiment!  Enjoy an in-depth 12 part video series on the project from start to finish, with lots of insight from John Landis, the brothers Spiridellis and the entire cast and crews associated with the project. And if that’s not enough, click here for our Facebook album full of photos from our on-set antics!

Learn how the project came to be and the first steps we took to make it a reality!

How did we find 6 comedy troupes worthy of John Landis’ legendary direction? By sending out a nationwide call for sketches!

Take a peek into our process, narrowing down 50 scripts to 6 finalists

Say hello to the finalists of the Great Sketch Experiment, 6 diverse comedy troupes from all over the nation!

3 months to prep 6 motion picture quality sketches?  No sweat right?

Get a little background on the man with the plan, director John Landis.

Footage from the first day we got everyone together in one room!

With only two days to rehearse, we scrambled to get every vision just right!

After two days of rehearsal, we had merely two days left to frantically film all six sketches!

The footage was in the can, but now we had to say goodbye to the amazing troupes we worked with.

We give props to amazing web team that built the site, kept our videos playing and got folks voting!

Where-in the sketches get distributed all over the world! Who will win?

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