2012: The End Is Here!

It’s the end of creation!

The signs are everyplace!

Ice melt at record pace…

A dude who jumped from space!

We had a Libyan crisis…

The fiscal cliff was near!

It’s Twenty-Twelve, the end is here!


We had a hot Zumba Madam!

And Fifty Shades of Grey!

We all came out as gay.

Stay out of Chick-Fil-A!

We had cheating…

And breakups!

I blew my whole career!

It’s Twenty-Twelve, the end is here!


We really kicked box office butt!

I called that college girl a slut!

A change I sense…

The force has stirred…

The world met Honey Boo-Boo Child!

We all got funky Gangnam Style!

I fixed a masterpiece!



We had Colombian hookers!

Big scandals everywhere!

We kept Obamacare.

I argued with a chair!

We had a hard-fought election!

They kicked us in the rear!

It’s Twenty-Twelve, the end is here!


We had Olympic superstars!

We put an SUV on Mars!

In my new book I bump and grind!

We sadly had to say good-bye.

We moved on up into the sky.

That’s one giant leap for mankind!


We had hurricane Sandy!

Replacement refs were wrong.

We still can’t get along!

And Snooki’s now a mom!

But our troubles are over,

‘Cuz it’s our final year!

It’s no use pretending…

Apocalypse is trending…

It’s Twenty-Twelve, the end is here!

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    R.I.P. Count (sesame street!)

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