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Recording Session

The recording session is always one of our most favorite pieces of any production.  We have worked with the amazingly talented John Frizzell on our past 6 Year in Review videos and he NEVER disappoints. In addition to being a brilliant composer, John knows the best musicians in LA (which means he knows some of the best musicians in the world!)  Once we talk through a general feel and music style we’d like for the piece, John pulls together a temporary synth track to work out the arrangement and lock down the timing.  After one or two passes on the arrangement the timing is locked and this is what Jeff, the director, and all of the animators will work off of until the final recording session.

Once we’re ready to record, John and the brilliant Schuyler Johnson will prepare sheet music for all of the musicians that will come to the studio.  For this year’s piece we had Banjo, Guitar, Drums / Precussions, Tuba, Clarinet, Trombone and Trumpet.

Sheet music

Needless to say, this was one rip roarin’ jam session this year!  As usual, we were psyched with the end result but it’s always just mind blowing to sit in a room and watch (er… listen) to these guys work.  Each is a true master of their craft.  Here’s a little clip of the Trumpet, Clarinet and Trombone coin’ their thing…

And here is footage of Jeff, our Director, recording a bunch of character voices.  He pretty much nailed ’em all in one take!


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