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Scene 10 – Lance Armstrong

Megan animated Lance Armstrong lamenting his fall from grace. Her direction was to make Lance look really down in the dumps, so her first step was to have a good ol’ think about how he would move and look. She decided he needed to slouch and look a little like he was whining to the bartender.

To begin, Megan is given a character design & background, plus a section of the animatic – a moving storyboard – to help her figure out the timing and movement for her scene. The next step was to ‘key out’ all the character in different passes. This means going through and moving all the different elements bit by bit into different ‘key’ poses to make it look like Lance is moving. As you can see in the progress of the video, Megan animated the body, arm and head first, refined it, then added lip sync and extra bonus movements to really sell the animation, like the helmet’s strap swinging and the neon sign flickering in the background.

Throughout the process, the AMAZING director, Jeff, gives feedback on the animation to help Megan make it next level awesome!!

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