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Scene 12: Ice Bucket Challenge

2014 saw a great fundraiser from the ASL Foundation called “The Ice Bucket Challenge.” You saw it all over your Facebook and on the TVs and the internets. JibJab raised money for the cause, donating for each JibJabber who participated in this shoot for this here Year in Review! Check out the raw footage is glorious super slo-mo!

Back row, left to right: Jeff Gill, Colin Lepper, Greg Mako, Dave Faulkner, Robbie Harrison, Kurt Hartfelder

Front row, left to right: Megan McShane, Marysol Stepanof, Jessica Krug, Thomas Issac

(Throwing water in from the left: Ashlyn Anstee… in from the right: Meridith Stokes. Slo mo footage shot by Rohit Mohan.)

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