Scene 27 – Sandy/Replacement Refs

This scene started off with an awesome gag by Jeff that turned the Statue of Liberty into Maryiln Monroe circa the “Seven Year Itch”.  In this little video it shows first, how the gag was timed out to the music track in the  animatic.  Next, is Carrie’s amazing production art which was then translated into animation by Evan.  The animation section shows the rough pencil tests that were first drawn out in Flash.  Once the animation was complete and filled up all the shapes were filled in and brought into After Effects.  Next, each frame was hand painted in Photoshop using their super cool “Animation” window.  It’s a slightly confusing feature but you can get great results once you get the hand of it.  Finally, all of the frames were brought back into After Effects, the background animation was added and VIOLA… You’ve got a 2 second animation!


The replacement referee part was a pretty short shot, so we decided to keep the action to a very minimum. Originally, there was a second ref, but with the magic of After Effects, we decided to keep him out of this shot.


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