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Special Thanks!

If you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU for taking a look and (hopefully) being a fan.  We fully recognize that without you, the audience, there would be no JibJab!

Finally, we would like to tip our hat to the amazing group of folks that lent a hand in the making of this project.  Not only do we get to come to work everyday and spend our time making stuff that we hope will make you laugh, but we feel blessed that we get to do it with such awesomely cool people.

Directed by: Jeff Gill

Written by: Scott Emmons

Art Team: Romney Caswell, Nik Illic, Eusong Lee, Alex Chechik, Carrie Hobson

Animation Team:  Jeff Gill, Eddie West, Nate Swineheart, Kurt Hartfelder, Evan Spiridellis, Mike Chiechi, Megan Nairn, Amelia Lorenz, Lauren Duda, Ashlyn Anstee

FX and Post:  Anthony Denha, Robbie Harrison

Design Team: Andy Scott, Jamie Williams

Music Producer: John Frizzell

Voice Talent: Jim Meskimen, Charlie Davis, Adrienne Spiridellis, Jeff Gill, Evan Spiridellis

Audio Engineer: Schuyler Johnson

Sound Design: Nick Ainsworth

Production Support: Liz Dubelman, Meridith Stokes, Catherine Roscart

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6 responses to “Special Thanks!”

  1. I have been a big fan of Jib Jab for many years-ever since the first year of Elf Yourself. For the most part I really enjoy your work and wish I could get a job with you. I will say one thing bothers me a little and that is how you handle your political satire. I understand that it is comedy-but it has become pretty obvious that you have a political lean. You should remeber that whatever your opinions-your customers have thier own opinions also. And you certainly don’t come out fair and balanced. Specifics I could sight that may have been handled differently-Scene 5 about the Libyan Crisis may have been a good place to bring in the empty chair. IF you were honest. Scene 8 about “Chick Fil A” was totally inacurate-the man just voiced an opinion, he did not kick anyone out. The long lines in support of his opinion may have been the joke. Scene 13-Why Rush and the Slut? What about the death threats to Mia Love? Just saying your kinda one sided. Then slides 21-22-kicked thier butt? Not really-151 Million Americans didn’t vote at all, thats 151 million votes Obama DIDN’T get. Again, I know it’s supposed to be comical, but not sure you want to offend 151 million of us. Just 1 thing that was pro conservative and anti Liberal wouldn’t hurt. Then Gangham Style? At the least you could have made him look bad. Just saying-love your work, but there are 151 million of us out here who don’t worship. I came in just to see your year in review, because I usually send it out every year-not this year. You should really try to keep your political satire a bit more balanced. I don’t mind a little poking in the name of comedy-but I should go both ways.

    • It’s called “Constructive Criticism, Honesty, or for artist, Critique”. Guestposter may not understand that, but I suspect the folks at JibJab aren’t that thin skinned.

  2. This year in review makes up for the fact that you didn’t do an election video this time. I look forward to these every year. And Cindy, the Chick Fil A guy didn’t eject celebrities out of a restaurant on a cartoon springboard either. It’s just silliness. Check out ‘Jib Jab’s’ video ‘Second Term’. Very pro-Bush. Lighten up.

  3. Thanks for providing all of the credits! The only thing I could ask for is if we could know which characters the voice performers did. Other than that, it’s great.

  4. What a privilege to have a insider peek at your creative process. Great fun, many thanks! Could you add musician names to credits next year? (Sorry–partial–spouse is a musician.)

    Would fix spelling of Petraeus so folks won’t fuss : )

    Gotta disagree with Cindy; she is welcome to create her own stuff wherever she’s hired, but please keep JibJab its own delightful nutty product.

    Glad the video invited viewers to your blog. THANKS!

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