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Welcome to the behind the scenes section for our 2012 Year in Review.  This is our 8th annual Year in Review and these videos may look easy because they are only about 2 minutes but the truth is there is SO much work that goes into them and most of it never gets seen.  This is the reason we put the extra effort in to making these blog entries and sharing a peek into our process.  There is an insanely talented group of people that work really, really hard for about 3 weeks to make these videos happen.  Please click around and check out some of their work.  Enjoy!


6 responses to “Welcome”

  1. Dear JibJab:
    Love your stuff! Just a quick suggestion that some of your audio on The End is so fast paced that it is hard to understand. You might want to reduce your pace slightly or run a script line so that we can fully appreciate your humour.

    Thanks and keep the creative juices flowing!

  2. I am totally addicted to Jib Jab, but am disappointed that I must have Intel processor. Why? I have an older model computer.

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