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Ever since we opened up the lines of communication with our fans by blog, Twitter and Facebook, the out pour of amazing feedback has been nothing short of overwhelming.  We read every message and comment that we get, and one we received today was worth writing home about, literally.

Dear JibJab Geniuses
First, i am not sure that the greeting is legal, however I wanted to share a story with you. I created a jibjab video for my 4 yr old nephew a year ago. He has mild special needs and speech difficulties and literally loved the video. The HSM video showed “him” doing things that he couldn’t do and he loved it. He watched the video hundreds of times and danced and sang with the video until, frankly, my sister went crazy listening to it.
So in your letters home to Mom and Dad, don’t forget to mention that this little job of yours is not only fun and games but it also makes the world a better place for one little boy named Leighton.
Patty Brown

Greg and Evan were so touched that they did in fact tell their mom!  Grevan’s mom writes, “Hi again.  If appropriate, you should let her know that your Mom read this and it brought tears to her eyes.  No kidding.  Love Mom”.

It’s this sort of stuff that keeps us motivated while making fun for people to share all over the world.  Patty, we’re touched, keep on JibJabbing and tell your nephew we said hi!

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  1. Yvonne
    Posted April 7, 2009 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    We have the same experience here, our son has special needs and cannot walk and for him to see himself dancing all over the place with his cousins in the the video we made was pretty amazing for him and for us! We all love to watch it over and over! 🙂

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