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  • Spooky Halloween Contest!

      In celebration of the JibJab Camera App launching this year, and tons of great GIFs & videos on the JibJab Ecards App, we’re hosting a Halloween contest!!! Share your GIF creations with the #SpookyJibJab, & tag a friend for a chance to win a year-long membership to! Winner will be chosen at random, […]

  • Cool Ranch Taco Day

    We had quite a fun surprise while working at the office today. Our director of eCards, Jeff, decided to buy everyone a new Cool Ranch Dorito Taco from Taco Bell. Not only was it a nice treat during the afternoon, but they were really delicious too! Take a look at some of the artists taking their […]

  • JibJab goes Gangnam Style!

    Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm and now it’s YOUR turn to star in this international fun dance craze. This Holiday season we wanted to bring you a fun, free music video & this viral video by Korean pop-star PSY is right up their with the likes of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Everyone […]

  • Tech Crawl 2012

    Last week TechZulu, a popular technology news site, organized a “tech crawl” where people could sign up to tour neighboring offices in Venice. We participated as a host and about 300 people stopped by throughout the night! In addition to showing off our lounge area, we provided the networkers with a fun drink we dubbed #jibjabjuice, gave away […]

  • Mustache Winners!

    The submission period for our “Be the JibJab Guys” photo challenge closed Sunday and we were blown away by the entries we received!  We had originally planned to award twenty five folks with prizes, but in the end the 137 photos we received were so great we added an additional eleven winners to the mix! […]

  • Thank You!

    Dear JibJabbers, Today we announced a very exciting milestone as a company: over the past twelve months, we have processed over 1 million orders from customers. Why is this so exciting? Three years ago, our future was very uncertain.  We were having huge success getting audiences to see our political satires, but we were unable […]

  • Cleveland Rocks!

    We caught a Facebook fan last night posting about a JibJab mention on The Cleveland Show and we had to hunt it down. Apparently Cleveland Brown is a fan of our work. *huffs fingernails* Thanks for the shout out Cleveland! By the way, we added in the “spinner” with Cleveland’s voice.

  • Rocking Lunch with NELSON!

    Our staff has an addiction to rock star lifestyle, we’re willing to admit it, especially looking back at all the guitar shredding moments that we’ve had over the last year. So when legendary rockers like the guys from Nelson call us up, we heed the call.  We were excited to find out that they were […]

  • YouTubin’

    We’ve been having a little fun on YouTube this week, freshly skinning our page design over there and adding boat loads of fan made videos to our featured section.  We’re estimating that over 30 JibJab created videos hit YouTube every day thanks to our fans! Browsing through the massive assortment of JibJab inspired videos shared […]

  • Famous Fan-Made JibJabs!

    In today’s blog we wanted to feature one of the coolest uses of Starring You we’ve seen… celebrities retweeting and sharing fan-made JibJabs. Just because we think it’s awesome. So pardon us as we go from behind the scenes production blog to gossip rag, because cere are some celebrity endorsed Starring Yous that we’ve seen […]

  • Happy Veteran’s Day, JibJabbers! [UPDATE]

    [UPDATE: Wohoo! Submissions are closed and we sent out over two dozen memberships to vets and active service members! Thanks everyone, and keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways on our Facebook and Twitter!] To honor the amazing men and women who work hard to protect our freedom, we want to extend free 1 year […]

  • Transforming Teams

    We thought it was pretty awesome when self proclaimed news junkie Mike Bucc from Albany sent his favorite local TV news crew a Monster Mash starring the televised team… but wouldn’t you know it, they showed the video on the news that night and gave him a shout out!  Double awesome!  Since this cool happenstance, […]

  • Making Good Use of the Mash [UPDATE]

    We always get a kick out of how fans keep finding new ways to use JibJab Starring Yous. With Monster Mash this month, we’ve seen folks apply the technology into some new situations that were so awesome we had to share. The Arizona Orthadontic Studio outside of Pheonix is running an all-orthadontist Monster Mash in […]

  • Soul Train Facebook Contest

    In celebration of the release of Soul Train Starring You videos on JibJab, we’re hosting a Facebook “like-off”! Official Rules: Post your Soul Train dance to your Facebook wall and rally your friends to press the “like” button underneath it.  Post a screen shot of your video’s “likes” to the official JibJab Facebook wall ( […]

  • The Worst Person to Send a Striptease to…

    It seems once a week we find a really funny story having to do with how people are using our Starring You technology to make others laugh. Last week, someone used our Chippendales dance to lampoon Taiwanese government officials, scoring well over a hundred thousand views! This week another ridiculous story has come out of […]