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In today’s blog we wanted to feature one of the coolest uses of Starring You we’ve seen… celebrities retweeting and sharing fan-made JibJabs. Just because we think it’s awesome. So pardon us as we go from behind the scenes production blog to gossip rag, because cere are some celebrity endorsed Starring Yous that we’ve seen over the last few months!

Alyssa Milano got her Elf on yesterday, retweeting a fan-made ElfYourself featuring many-a-popular tweeter. This was thanks to JibJabber KittCameo who was on a roll tweeting out ElfYourself vids. He also nabbed a retweet from Nia Vardalos, of Greek Wedding and Life in Ruins fame, and had the peeps of Project Runway laughing!

Picture 8

Musicians have been huge as well… American Idol favorite Adam Lambert tweeted this fan-made Monster Mash with a laugh. Limp Bizkit header Fred Durst showed some love for the Chippendales by announcing this fan-made video to be the latest Limp Bizkit music video. Is there any higher honor?

Mrs. Kutcher herself, Demi Moore passed along some disco JibJab goodness from the twitter-verse… we completed the link here. Greg Grunberg of Heroes fame practically dared users to retweet his Chippendales dance, but he owed the original creation to a fan.

So what did we learn here? Well, there’s pretty much no better way to get some props from your favorite people then by sending them a video starring… themselves! Luckily for you, we have 5 ElfYourself videos waiting to be personalized.

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4 responses to “Famous Fan-Made JibJabs!”

  1. Hi There,

    Last year there was an Office Elf dance that was really cool. Is it here and I just can’t find it, or maybe coming out later. Please let me know if you are brining it back. Thanks so much.

    • The site is great. When my daughter’s Elf Video this past Xmas was too late to download…Your picture of the *guy looking everywhere* for the piece. i.e., the toilet cracked me up. Funny, and diplomatic. How cool is that?! I found this to be so bright. Kudos to your staff! I am a member and you guys and gals are the real deal.

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