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  • “Impress Me,” says JibJab voice actor Jim Meskimen!

    Our pal Jim Meskimen, voice of “This Land” and other classic JibJab hits, has a new TV show! It’s called IMPRESS ME, and it’s certainly impressed team JibJab.             Check it out on Pop TV Wednesdays at 10:30/ 9:30c, and tell ’em JibJab sent you.

  • New eCard – You’re a Starfish!

    There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but in our newest birthday eCard, You’re a Starfish, you can make sure your friend knows they are the star on their big day. Make your friend an Underwater Idol that has moves that reality TV would die for. We spoke with Lauren to learn a little more […]

  • Just Plane Cheeseburgers?!?

    The production team was clearly hungry during a little day-dreaming cartoon session yesterday. The theme was “cheeseburger airplane.” What is a cheeseburger airplane, you ask? Why, a dream come true. See what our artists’ imaginations “cooked” up below. Great, now we’re hungry too!

  • The Big Race

    Things got heated at JibJab this week when our head designer, Andy, challenged artist, Kurt, to a good ol’ fashioned race in the parking lot. Nothing blows a little steam off like a race. The office was divided between the 2 artists. Who would win? Kurt won…by a landslide. But that didn’t stop the rest of […]

  • New eCard – Oh My God I Forgot Your Birthday!

    Oh my God, it’s a new eCard! It’s a goal and pleasure of ours to bring you new eCards on the regular. This week our eCard comes from the talented Chris O’Hara. Chris decided there’s no better way to distract someone from the fact that you forgot their birthday than with a good ol’ fashion dance […]

  • JibJab goes Gangnam Style!

    Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm and now it’s YOUR turn to star in this international fun dance craze. This Holiday season we wanted to bring you a fun, free music video & this viral video by Korean pop-star PSY is right up their with the likes of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Everyone […]

  • Check out what our friend Mauro made!

    Our friend Mauro Gatti is a brilliant designer / artist / animator and he recently self published this book… SUPER BEST FRIENDS The thing that makes Mauro awesome is that not only can he draw like nobody’s business, but he’s FUNNY!  Unfortunately, for this project he could not find a large publishing house that would […]

  • JibJabbers Play Kickball!

    Recently some of us got together and formed a team under the WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) league, an awesome organization that brings everyone together to play kickball, win some games and mingle at a bar afterwards (we’re guessing that’s why most people play). Not familiar with kickball? It is a loose combination of soccer and baseball. We are team “Team” […]

  • Boink Me, I’m Irish

    Last year we published a few birthday eCards designed and animated by Nate Theis, to great fanfare.  We’re happy to bring his work back to JibJab with “Boink Me, I’m Irish” just in time for St. Paddy’s Day! Check out his new card for yourself at our site.

  • CNR on Tour

    Weird Al‘s summer tour wrapped up this weekend after 55 shows.  At all of those shows?  Some rockin’ JibJab animation!  Rainn Wilson (you know, Dwight from The Office) nabbed this shot of Al rocking CNR on stage with a heavy dose of JibJab right behind him.  With the tour over, Al heads to the studio […]

  • Scott MacDonald’s Postables

    Today we’re spotlighting Scott MacDonald, a Canadian artist who has brought a unique style to our eCards stills. This week we’ve launched a few new pieces of his on our site, check those out along with some oldies but goodies! Here’s what you’ve got to choose from: What’s Shakin‘, Showin Some Love, Thanks Hold Up, […]

  • JibJab <3s Star Wars Uncut

    Annelise Pruitt and Casey Pugh, the masterminds behind the Star Wars Uncut project, stopped by the studio today! We showed them our stuff, so now we’re showing you their stuff… an ingenious collaboration project that tapped fans to recreate the entirety of Star Wars: A New Hope, second by second. Based out of New York, […]

  • Ready, Set, JibJab!

    JibJab buddy Oren Jacob has been traversing the country, stirring up support for the movie Ready, Set, Bag!, a film that follows eight folks in their quest to be named the best grocery baggers in the country.  Oren is executive producing, with his wife Justine in the director’s seat, and together they’ve had the folks […]


    We just had another web start-up join us in the building, so we invited them over to our studio for a beer.  The group, is dedicated to categorizing every single awesome movie moment into one searchable site.  Pretty worthwhile pursuit, eh?  You can check them out at their website, where their collection grows bigger […]

  • Goodbye, Mr. Cook

    Alan Cook, artist, animator and Canadian extraordinaire is leaving JibJab this week, headed to Oregon.  His foot print on the site is massive and we will miss him dearly.  In his honor, we all took to sketching our own little rendition of Alan in a book we presented to him on Friday.  Some of our […]