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New eCard – Oh My God I Forgot Your Birthday!

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Oh my God, it’s a new eCard! It’s a goal and pleasure of ours to bring you new eCards on the regular. This week our eCard comes from the talented Chris O’Hara. Chris decided there’s no better way to distract someone from the fact that you forgot their birthday than with a good ol’ fashion dance move. Oh My God I Forgot Your Birthday features one jazzed up guy who gets down to some electronic beats, hoping it will make up for his forgetfulness. We talked to Chris a bit about his eCard and thoughts about missing a birthday.

JJ: Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday?

CO: I forgot my dog’s that one time, but he was cool about it.

JJ:  How did you make it up to him?

CO: I took him to a Baha Men concert.

JJ: We’re sure he loved that, did you pull dance move inspiration from your own collection of moves?

CO: Nah, my dance moves are far too complex and elaborate to ever try to animate.

JJ: Or imitate. Has anyone ever forgotten your birthday?

CO: My dog, but I was cool about it.

JJ: We suppose you cancel each other out. What is the best present you ever received for your birthday?

CO: Probably my unicorn.

JJ: That sounds like the most amazing gift ever! We bet your dog was jealous.

To see more of Chris’ animation check out his Vimeo. And if you happened to forget someone’s birthday, send this eCard today!

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