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“Impress Me,” says JibJab voice actor Jim Meskimen!

Our pal Jim Meskimen, voice of “This Land” and other classic JibJab hits, has a new TV show!

It’s called IMPRESS ME, and it’s certainly impressed team JibJab.








Check it out on Pop TV Wednesdays at 10:30/ 9:30c, and tell ’em JibJab sent you.

8 responses to ““Impress Me,” says JibJab voice actor Jim Meskimen!”

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  2. I was just trying to get Soul Train and I tapped on the word but nothing came up. You know that dance show that was on years ago with all the black dancers. Don’t you offer that anymore? I tried it once last year,put me and my husbands heads of two dancers dancing down the soul train line. It was hilarious. Can’t find it anymore. Let me know if you still have it and if so what or how do I get it. Thanks Corrina

  3. I already had a account. The problem is that I sign out of Facebook or something when wrong. I joined again and they charge me $18.00 from my account. If it’s that expensive I would like to cancel my jibjab account. I would like my money to put back in my chase account. Please feel free to email me. Thank you. Diana Natal

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