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  • “Impress Me,” says JibJab voice actor Jim Meskimen!

    Our pal Jim Meskimen, voice of “This Land” and other classic JibJab hits, has a new TV show! It’s called IMPRESS ME, and it’s certainly impressed team JibJab.             Check it out on Pop TV Wednesdays at 10:30/ 9:30c, and tell ’em JibJab sent you.

  • CNR available on Weird Al’s Latest Album!

    All the way back in August of 2009, we teamed up with Weird Al to produce the first music video that you can star in!  As you know we now have a great collection of musical everyday fun videos you can cast yourself into, even some with famous tracks. So why are we bringing this […]

  • Throwback 2: Charleston Starring You

    Since we’ve relaunched several of our dances to be widescreen and include thematic hats/hair, we’re going back and uncovering some behind the scenes materials from our first batch of Starring You dance videos back in 2007.  Today’s subject is The Charleston, available in Facebook album form right over here.  You’ll marvel that our black and […]

  • Throwback to 2007: Disco Starring You

    While we prepare to launch our new St. Patrick’s piece, we’ve got a little time to go through pictures and videos taken behind the scenes from before this blog was active.  Disco was one of our first Starring You videos, shot some four years ago.  Since then it remains one of our most popular videos, […]

  • From 2005: Looking Back on Bud

    JibJab is and has always been a little obsessed with beer.  Take 2005 for instance, when we teamed up with Budweiser to animate their infamous Clydesdale and Lizard mascots for a “ditch the hard stuff, go with beer” campaign. It put us in the studio with live chameleons, super soakers and… well, free beer! We […]

  • From 2007: Looking Back at Unnecessary Force

    It’s early August and the entire staff is hard at work on, of all things, Halloween content.  What’s crazier is that those who aren’t working on Halloween stuff are working on Christmas stuff.  Rather than take a peek at seasonal stuff out of season, we thought it would be fun to do a throwback and […]

  • 2006 Flashback: Double Rainbow All the Way!

    Double rainbows were just as incredible four years ago as they are today.  Back in 2006, our whole office had to step outdoors to catch a glimpse of a rare spectacle in Southern California, where it hardly rains at all!  It’s so intense…

  • Flash Back to the Great Sketch Experiment!

    Back in 2006 we gathered John Landis and some of the best minds in comedy for an experiment the likes the world has never seen! We had so much great behind the scenes footage, we wanted to make it all available again! Click below to watch the intro video, see the final entries, browse behind […]

  • Updating/Downloading The Star Spangled Banner

    We revisited more than one piece for the Fourth of July this year…  in 2008, when we offered our collaboration with as an Independece Day eCard, it featured footage of presidents from the past century, sliced up to sing us a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”.  After a few years passed on our […]

  • Founding Fathers’ Rap Remake!

    Everyone in the studio is super excited about our Founding Fathers Rap redux/reboot/remix/revamp/remake/what-ever-you-might-call-it.  The original was one of the first animations we did using collage style animation and this year marks it’s tenth anniversary on  Since then, we’ll admit we’ve gotten a little better at animation.  Check out the decade old version with full […]

  • Lost Lost Matzahmatic

    The Matzahmatic below reveals our original plans for Matzah, along with some deleted scenes and verses. Compare it to the final video embedded further below!

  • Behind the Matzah

    As a Passover treat, we dug up our photo albums and production files from 5 years ago to expose all the really cool, really hard work that went into the awesomest Pesach rap to grace the internet. Click here to check out our production art, and click here to compare to the final product!