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Founding Fathers’ Rap Remake!

Everyone in the studio is super excited about our Founding Fathers Rap redux/reboot/remix/revamp/remake/what-ever-you-might-call-it.  The original was one of the first animations we did using collage style animation and this year marks it’s tenth anniversary on  Since then, we’ll admit we’ve gotten a little better at animation.  Check out the decade old version with full lyrics below, then click here to star in our updated version FREE in honor of the Fourth of July!


They call me the General, I don’t mean to be crass,
I’m gonna take it to the limit ‘cuz it’s time to kick some Brit a–!
The King!  The Royal!  His Highness!  The Honcho!
I’ll kick it to him like I’m Macho Camacho!
See, he’s got the moves.  He’s swift as Paul Revere.
You tried to catch me but you couldn’t ‘cuz I shifted into fifth gear!
We’ll rise above.   We’re working a transcendence.
Shout it out, “We declare our independence!”

I’m getting’ chilly down in Philly y’all, you know it’s my town.
Though he’s as ancient as the mariner, he still gets down, ya see!
I get electric when I fly my kite.
He’s getting bigger on the trigger- POP! POP! in a gun fight!
Tommy P gonna kick some Common Sense,
Gatherin’ up the Minute Men to take it on the offense.
Sun is rising, it’s a sign of our ascendance.
Step to the bass, “We declare our independence!”

Tommy J, I’m the man, with the grand plan in my right hand,
He’s kickin’ grammar gonna take you to the Promised Land!
Bustin’ crazy rhymes with a paper and the pen,
He’s rockin’ it on the mic to the King and his henchmen!
I wrote the letter and my homies called it divine,
Johnny H come and kick it on the dotted line.
Straight from Virginia, this required my attendance.
We’re here to tell you, “We declare our independence!”

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