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From 2007: Looking Back at Unnecessary Force

It’s early August and the entire staff is hard at work on, of all things, Halloween content.  What’s crazier is that those who aren’t working on Halloween stuff are working on Christmas stuff.  Rather than take a peek at seasonal stuff out of season, we thought it would be fun to do a throwback and revisit the making of our fake movie trailers in the summer of 2007.

Three years back, Adam and Andy had together written a series of 1-2 minute movie trailers for films that didn’t exist. The idea was to have all sorts of fake movie trailers that you could star in, a full library of every genre.  One was a horror movie by the name of Math Camp Massacre, another was an action film called Unnecessary Force, both of which we produced.   Two others –Lady Lovekill, a film noir style trailer, and a Blaxploitation spoof named Espresso didn’t make it past the development phase (but never say never).  Here’s a pretty funny scratch track from what could have been a bumper for the series.

We produced these at the same time as many Starring You dances and once we found visitors were going craziest over the stuff like Disco and Charleston, we changed direction a bit.  Looking back at Unnecessary Force, the project was crazy ambitious.  Along with the usual voice over, art and animation, it allowed you to cast up to 6 people.  We even had motion designer John Cranston (Important Things with Demetri Martin, College Humor) make up an action packed 3D title sequence for the trailer.  You can view the full sequence for the first time embedded below.


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