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From 2005: Looking Back on Bud

JibJab is and has always been a little obsessed with beer.  Take 2005 for instance, when we teamed up with Budweiser to animate their infamous Clydesdale and Lizard mascots for a “ditch the hard stuff, go with beer” campaign. It put us in the studio with live chameleons, super soakers and… well, free beer! We were pretty much living the dream.

While digging through the archives for pictures, we wayback machined ourselves so that you can relive circa 2005. Searching through those old files also revealed a hilarious website that was started by a blogger who insisted that the “blogging community” was “outraged” by our ads, going as far as to make a song blasting us for our misdeeds! Truly hilarious.

2 responses to “From 2005: Looking Back on Bud”

    • Seriously one of my all time favorite moments at JJ. That made the long hours worth it. Let’s see that footage@

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