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Updating/Downloading The Star Spangled Banner

We revisited more than one piece for the Fourth of July this year…  in 2008, when we offered our collaboration with as an Independece Day eCard, it featured footage of presidents from the past century, sliced up to sing us a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”.  After a few years passed on our […]

Yucatan Guacamole Wagon!

JibJab’s Wagon Wednesdays have become so infamous that we were recently approached by our friends at Yucatan Guacamole with interest in having our wagon sponsored! The words “free guacamole” were too powerful to resist and today we had a party complete with mustaches, chips and music provided by the group.  We even live streamed it […]

An Awesome Addition and a Major Loss

We wanted our offices to reflect the awesomeness that Star Wars: Starring You has brought to our site, so we bestowed a challenge upon one of our craftiest co-workers. Devin was asked to create a mega sized Millennium Falcon to hang in our tech suite, and boy did he step up to the plate. Click […]

The Press is Strong With Us!

A huge thanks to everyone who made yesterdays Star Wars launch an explosive success! We were completely overwhelmed with the amount of love we received, from some pretty well respected peeps. Click the images below to hear podcasts, see videos and read articles chronicling the most epic Starring You we’ve ever produced. Gregg and Evan […]

A Visit From Professor Jackdaws

Professor Knestor Jackdaws (aka Voice of JibJab Jim Meskimen) stopped by our studio a few months ago for a tour and the video just went up.  YouTube favorite Nalts even did a write up on the video, which tours our facilities and interviews Evan.  Check out the tour below and the article through this link!

Cleveland Rocks!

We caught a Facebook fan last night posting about a JibJab mention on The Cleveland Show and we had to hunt it down. Apparently Cleveland Brown is a fan of our work. *huffs fingernails* Thanks for the shout out Cleveland! By the way, we added in the “spinner” with Cleveland’s voice.

Rocking Lunch with NELSON!

Our staff has an addiction to rock star lifestyle, we’re willing to admit it, especially looking back at all the guitar shredding moments that we’ve had over the last year. So when legendary rockers like the guys from Nelson call us up, we heed the call.  We were excited to find out that they were […]

Live with Regis, Kelly & JibJab!

Have you tuned into Live with Regis and Kelly this week?  If you have, chances are you’ve seen JibJab’s animated dances featured on the show, a cameo we are extremely excited about! The people at Regis and Kelly were radical enough to approach us about providing some background animation for their *takes a deep breath* […]

Valentine’s Day with the Ukulady!

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Thessaly Lerner (alias: the UkuLady). With her syrupy sweet voice, tender ukulele strumming and completely insane lyrics, she made herself a hit on YouTube and beyond… thusly a collaboration was in order! She wrote us some particularly quirky songs for birthdays, graduation and anniversaries, and came down […]

And now presenting…

The cutest iteration of the phrase “JibJab” to ever be uttered. /Cutie courtesy of Anthony, JibJab flex developer and father!

Famous Fan-Made JibJabs!

In today’s blog we wanted to feature one of the coolest uses of Starring You we’ve seen… celebrities retweeting and sharing fan-made JibJabs. Just because we think it’s awesome. So pardon us as we go from behind the scenes production blog to gossip rag, because cere are some celebrity endorsed Starring Yous that we’ve seen […]

Happy Veteran’s Day, JibJabbers! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Wohoo! Submissions are closed and we sent out over two dozen memberships to vets and active service members! Thanks everyone, and keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways on our Facebook and Twitter!] To honor the amazing men and women who work hard to protect our freedom, we want to extend free 1 year […]

At the YouTube Roundtable

As amazing the Los Angeles area is for finding and working with talent, it isn’t known for being the hub of all things internet related. That distinction goes to the cities surrounding the San Francisco bay, and we are constantly traveling that way to attend conferences and discuss innovations in the online world so that […]

CNR Live On Jimmy Fallon!

For those of you who missed it last night, NBC has posted Al’s performance of CNR live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon… featuring JibJab’s music video!  This won’t be available forever, so check it out. Click here or on the image below to watch it on Hulu.

Transforming Teams

We thought it was pretty awesome when self proclaimed news junkie Mike Bucc from Albany sent his favorite local TV news crew a Monster Mash starring the televised team… but wouldn’t you know it, they showed the video on the news that night and gave him a shout out!  Double awesome!  Since this cool happenstance, […]