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Live with Regis, Kelly & JibJab!

Have you tuned into Live with Regis and Kelly this week?  If you have, chances are you’ve seen JibJab’s animated dances featured on the show, a cameo we are extremely excited about! The people at Regis and Kelly were radical enough to approach us about providing some background animation for their *takes a deep breath* Spring-Fling-Trivia-A-Go-Go. Through the next few months we should be making regular morning appearances on the show along side Regis & Kelly’s trivia questions!

How do you play?  Send them a snapshot of yourself and the duo may call you up with a trivia question that could win you any number of ridiculous prizes ranging from trips to vehicles, cruises, cash or gift cards.  Check out their site for how to enter and a funny video where Regis is flabbergasted by the animated dancing. Thanks to the crew at Regis & Kelly for getting us involved, and stay tuned for even more dances headed your way soon!


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