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An Awesome Addition and a Major Loss

We wanted our offices to reflect the awesomeness that Star Wars: Starring You has brought to our site, so we bestowed a challenge upon one of our craftiest co-workers. Devin was asked to create a mega sized Millennium Falcon to hang in our tech suite, and boy did he step up to the plate. Click the image below for a really sweet Facebook album and video look at the Falcon’s construction.

On a more somber note, Devin’s big Star Wars project was one of his last for us, as he is leaving JibJab after three amazing years to head to Chicago and live out his dream of becoming a teacher. We’ll miss you man.

In his honor, we secretly put together this tribute video to the man, the myth, the legend. Watch it below and you’ll get a great sense of the scope of work Devin has accomplished with us, and how awkward we are about saying goodbye.


2 responses to “An Awesome Addition and a Major Loss”

  1. Hey, I’m ateacher, and we need all the teachers with imagination we can possibly get…

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