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The Press is Strong With Us!

A huge thanks to everyone who made yesterdays Star Wars launch an explosive success! We were completely overwhelmed with the amount of love we received, from some pretty well respected peeps.

Click the images below to hear podcasts, see videos and read articles chronicling the most epic Starring You we’ve ever produced.

Gregg and Evan sat down with Adam Carolla for a two part interview podcast. Available for clicking and listening above!

We think our favorite quote from all this crazy coverage was from TechCrunch writer Michael Arrington who said “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. And I think I’m serious.”

Further reading:

And more, check out further press here!

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One response to “The Press is Strong With Us!”

  1. Hi uh yeah quick question/request: You guys showed the making of 2009 YIR will you guys put the drafts of the 2007 lyrics on I would very much enjoy that.

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