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  • Record Breaking Bieber Video!

    Justin Bieber’s JibJab video just set the record for most Starring You vids created in a week! With over 400,000 made and several million viewed, we knew there had to be some pretty good stories out there from the folks using the technology. When we asked our “like”rs on Facebook who they cast beside the […]

  • The Elfin DeGeneres Show!

    Hey, stuff we made was on Ellen today! Ellen officially caught elf fever, showing the new ElfYourself 80’s video on air as well as posting the new ElfYourself Surf video to her website as a bonus! Now that’s an amazing start to the holiday season! Be like Ellen and get elfin’ here!

  • Mashin and Rappin All Across the Nation

    We’ve been waiting all month to share our list news stations and morning shows that have featured Monster Raps, Mashes and videos from our Halloween collection.  We didn’t expect to get to this point and have almost too many to list.  Instead of doing a rundown station by station, location by location on the blog, […]

  • The Press is Strong With Us!

    A huge thanks to everyone who made yesterdays Star Wars launch an explosive success! We were completely overwhelmed with the amount of love we received, from some pretty well respected peeps. Click the images below to hear podcasts, see videos and read articles chronicling the most epic Starring You we’ve ever produced. Gregg and Evan […]

  • The Conversation with Scott Kirsner

    Newteevee just posted up a video interview of interest featuring JibJab founders Gregg and Evan.  Conducted by Scott Kirsner of Cinema Tech, the chat covers all sorts of JibJab stories from days of yore, from the challenges of streaming singing animations over 56k connections to today’s plans to cover our production costs.  Check it out […]

  • JibJab on ESPN?

    We’ve seen coverage from news sources of every type, but it’s all too rare that we make ESPN. Due to a heavy endorsement from Mike & Mike in the Morning (who are celebrating 10 years) and ESPN’s Page 2, we saw a big jump in the number of Figure Skating ‘Starring You’ vids made today! […]

  • The Best Way to Earn a Free Membership!

    We were astounded to see the Monster Mash show up on news channels all over the country last week, but the best part is that we totally have our awesome community of JibJab fans to thank. JibJabbers took to tweeting and facebooking personalized Monster Mashes at and on the pages of local news teams and […]

  • Matt, Meredith, Ann and Al Aboard the Soul Train!

    We were lucky enough to be featured on the Today Show this morning, casting the hosts as grooving Soul Train dancers to hilarious results! The segment was definitely worth sharing, so click the image below to watch Roker and Co shake their groove thangs! Also, don’t forget to follow them on twitter @todayshow.

  • Getting in the Mixergy [Update]

    If you haven’t checked out yet, you owe it a click.  This morning, Gregg Spiridellis represented half of the JibJab founding duo on a live interview that streamed from the site.  Mixergy’s thing is really unique: Founder Andrew Warner interviews the people behind start-ups and successful business ventures, providing a catalogue of really great […]

  • Written Up

    Though we’ve yet to play court jester and premiere our upcoming political piece before the President, we’ve still had a few nice shout outs in the media this month.  Today the Los Angeles Times caught up with Scott Kirsner about his new book on digital businesses and we got a shout out thanks to Scott’s […]

  • We’re a Webby Award Honoree!

    We’re proud to announce that Time For Some Campaignin’ was selected as an official honoree for the 13th Annual Webby Awards!  We’re the most honored honorees to ever be honored, honest!

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