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Mashin and Rappin All Across the Nation

We’ve been waiting all month to share our list news stations and morning shows that have featured Monster Raps, Mashes and videos from our Halloween collection.  We didn’t expect to get to this point and have almost too many to list.  Instead of doing a rundown station by station, location by location on the blog, Laura, our PR steamroller made this handy map so everyone can see the widely spread amount of airtime we gained over the witching season!

Meanwhile we were extremely lucky to have Good Morning America back us in the best way possible, all this week they’ve been playing JibJab clips from our Halloween library on national TV!  We found it particularly humbling to have our little internet videos broadcast onto the Time Square screens every morning this week.  And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got video of it too!

Where have you seen, sent and used the Mash and the Rap?


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