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The Conversation with Scott Kirsner

Newteevee just posted up a video interview of interest featuring JibJab founders Gregg and Evan.  Conducted by Scott Kirsner of Cinema Tech, the chat covers all sorts of JibJab stories from days of yore, from the challenges of streaming singing animations over 56k connections to today’s plans to cover our production costs.  Check it out below and get to know your pals at JibJab a little better.

Scott also wanted us to spread the word about his grass-roots gathering called THE CONVERSATION.  We attended the 2008 incarnation of this digital distribution discussion and found it most intimate and enlightening.  If you’re interested to learn more about the ever evolving state of digital media, social media and making content for the Web.  THE CONVERSATION is taking place on March 27th at Columbia University in New York City.  Read about how you can register to hear from the people of the Webby Awards, the Sundance Festival, HBO, Sony and many more.

We might even be there too!


One response to “The Conversation with Scott Kirsner”

  1. I like to see added to sports video & Dance:
    1)”Bowling video” where you can add a bowlers face(female/male),
    2)”Bowling Team video” where you can add more faces(friends)of
    the team waiting their turn.
    3)”White soul train” line somewhere along the line of B-Gees or
    Saturday Night fever, Play that funky music white boy(Cherry)
    I really enjoy the “Video dances” especially “Soul Train” is their any clips of American Bandstand?(DickClark) you can add?

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