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Though we’ve yet to play court jester and premiere our upcoming political piece before the President, we’ve still had a few nice shout outs in the media this month.  Today the Los Angeles Times caught up with Scott Kirsner about his new book on digital businesses and we got a shout out thanks to Scott’s chapter documenting our business structure.

Plus, a few weeks ago the Producers Guild of America named us among the top 25 digital visionaries, innovators and producers of 2009!   Wedged between Ashton Kutcher and Industrial Light & Magic, we’re in good company.  Check the full list of talented peoples below!


2 responses to “Written Up”

  1. Sumbitch and hotdamn!!! Congrats Brothers Spiridellis!! Y\’all are in some mighty fine company. Hey, The Brothers Grim, Ashton Whatshisname and all those others folks listed above ain\’t got nothing on y\’all!!! WOOOOOO!! HOOOOO!!!!

    And to think I knew ya when ya were just a little thang starting out! Here\’s hoping ya don\’t forget us little people that \”starred\” in one of your earlier creations, Big Box Mart, or your very favorite folks, The JibJab JokeBox A-Hole Patrol! 😉

    Seriously, I am really proud of what y\’all have accomplished and wish you continued success! Mmmmmm-Waaaahhhh! (That\’s a big kiss sent you way!!!) 🙂

  2. Seems like the blog thingy does not like quotation marks or contractions…. That is what all those weird slashes are in my comment above….ARGH!!!! 😉

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