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Record Breaking Bieber Video!

Justin Bieber’s JibJab video just set the record for most Starring You vids created in a week! With over 400,000 made and several million viewed, we knew there had to be some pretty good stories out there from the folks using the technology. When we asked our “like”rs on Facebook who they cast beside the Biebs, the replies covered the spectrum…

Tiffany: my sister
Nancy: My daughter and my niece
April: my 4 year old grandaughter who knows ALL his songs, she is sooo in love with him LOL!! She giggled so much when she saw the video, at first she couldnt even look at the video, she was too embarrassed
Allisen: My boyfriend!
Sam: One of my co-workers…
James: my poodle

Awesome. Click here to check out the press release issued this morning, confirming further awesomeness.

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