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JibJabbers Play Kickball!

Recently some of us got together and formed a team under the WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) league, an awesome organization that brings everyone together to play kickball, win some games and mingle at a bar afterwards (we’re guessing that’s why most people play). Not familiar with kickball? It is a loose combination of soccer and baseball.

We are team “Team” and you can find us at the baseball park any given Wednesday bunting, sliding and kicking our hearts out.  Last night the association had a theme night in which all teams had to dress up to something relating to the letter “S.” Using this pretty general theme, we had fun dressing up as The Beastie Boys in their music video for their song, “Sabotage.”

Team "Team" dressed up like The Beastie Boys in the music video 'Sabotage'

If you’re a fan of breaking it down in a music video of your own, check out one of our many Starring You® dance videos!

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